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1. Battery capacity: 350mah
2. Battery core: HGB Battery
3. Thread: 510
4. Dia: 11.2mm length:82mm
5. Charge voltage: 4.2V
6. Protection: short circuit / overcharge/overtime
7. Button led light indication: 3.7V green, 3.9V blue, 4.1V red light , Preheating Mix light
8. Preheating time: 15s/60s
9. Five click on/off

Auto-sensing smoke output
Multi-block voltage output, touch operation to cycle gear.
Flashes different colors to indicate different gear when the switching gearBit.
Power display – Touch the bottom of the LED display differentColors to indicate the charge.
Green -> Red: full power -> no electricity.

Charging Nebulizer interface to charge. Preheat function.
Auto continue for some time low output voltage.
Colorful gradient LED indication is warming up.
Security Configuration
Output short circuit protection, over- discharge protection, overcharge protection. Protection, overcurrent protection, internal wiring short circuit protection.


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