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Fruit Punch Vegan Mints 100mg



Ocean Grown Extracts’ Cannabis-Infused Fruit Punch Mints are consistently one of our most popular edibles. Carefully infused with our in-house full-spectrum cannabis oil, each 2.5mg mint is strong enough that you’ll definitely feel the effects but not too strong. Easily increase the dose for those occasions where you might need a 20-30mg high.

• Vegan
• 2.5mg THC Per Mint
• 40 Doses
• 100mg Total THC
• Fruit Punch Flavor
• Proprietary Recipe
• Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil
• Gluten-Free
• Dairy-Free

These mints are really good candies that also happen to get you really high. A great recipe combined with quality ingredients equals a top-shelf cannabis edibles that everyone enjoys.


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