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Pineapple Infused 1g Pre-Roll 36.77% THC Hybrid



Smoking our infused hybrid pineapple flavored pre-rolls is sort of like smoking a joint and a pineapple-flavored vape pen at the same time. The high from the hybrid flower hits you from top to bottom. Be prepared to stay high for 2-3 times as long as you would from a normal pre-roll. The pineapple flavor is sweet and tasty from the first to the last rip.

Our infused 1 gram of top-shelf hybrid flower has been hand-selected at peak ripeness, evenly infused with our in-house full-spectrum cannabis oil, and flavored with all-natural pineapple flavoring. We break down every pound of flower by hand and infuse it in small batches to ensure each infused and flavored pre-rolled cone smokes smooth and even from start to finish. A quality infused pre-roll that you can trust every time.

• Hybrid
• 1 Gram
• Top Shelf Flower
• Distillate Infused
• Pineapple Flavored
• Non-Toxic Papers
• Quality Crutch


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