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Mendo Purps Evidence Bag 1/2 oz 26% THC Hybrid



Mendo Purps (aka Purps) is a very heavy indica leaning hybrid that started in Norcal years back and got its name from the different shades of purple that begin to show as the plant flowers. You can expect a very lazy high that hits you right when you exhale. Dry, red eyes, heavy munchies, and a strong dose of the giggle are to be expected. The high is very relaxing from head to toe and lasts a bit longer than your normal indica high. When considering best bang-for-your-buck flower, Mendo Purps lands right at the top of the list.
• 1/2 oz of cannabis flower
• Vibes™ Fine Rolling Papers
• Last Prisoner Project matchbook For every Evidence™ Bag sold, $1 gets donated to the Last Prisoner Project, raising money to right the wrongs of cannabis incarceration. “We will not rest and we will not stop until the last cannabis prisoner is set free.” – Steve DeAngelo


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