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Orange Cream Vegan Mints 100mg


Ocean Grown Extracts’ Cannabis-Infused Orange Cream Mints are subtly tart and delectably sweet without the slightest taste of marijuana. Each mint is infused with 2.5mg of full-spectrum THC oil that we make in-house. A tasty blend of citrus and cream that will cure even the worst cottonmouth. Using our proprietary formula we’ve created a great cannabis mint that we know you’ll love.

• Vegan
• 2.5mg THC Per Mint
• 40 Doses
• 100mg Total THC
• Orange Cream Flavor
• Proprietary Recipe
• Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil
• Gluten-Free
• Dairy-Free

The perfect “on the go” cannabis edible, our THC infused Orange Cream Mints make it easier than ever to stay high even in the most conservative situation. Made with the highest quality full-spectrum THC oil our mints do the trick every time.


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